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  - ABOUT ME    


AGUS VEGA, attended the National University of Art (U.N.A.), Argentina, and continued her education in several workshops held by prestigious Argentine masters. In addition, Agustina has a great liking for Literature. She received the "Manuel del Cabral" Prize  of the National Narrative Contest, for her  short story "La Flor", published by "Portico Azul".


Since 2012, she has received awards and exhibits her works in different art centers on a regular basis, highlighting her participation in RECOLETA CULTURAL CENTER, in the exhibition "United for Charity".


As part of the "Night of the Museums" two of her works were selected to be exhibited at the MUSEO DE ARTE DECORATIVO, Buenos Aires.


A high point in her career was participating in the international art exhibition "Against Gender Violence" in HELLADA ART CENTER, as well as the international exhibition "Peace Day Challenge" exhibited by MS ART GALLERY, both in Los Angeles, USA.


Her work is part of private collections in Argentina, Spain and the United States.


Her passion for painting, with a style that varies between figurative, expressionism and abstraction, is what leads her to travel the world capturing different cultures and landscapes in her paintings.


She was born and raised in Buenos Aires, where her studies of Art complemented her career in Economics. She holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and is also a National Accountant, graduated from Universidad Católica Argentina (U.C.A.).

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